What about Me in a changing Europe?


What about Me in a changing Europe?


What about Me in a changing Europe?


What about Me in a changing Europe?


What about Me in a changing Europe?

Countdown to vote in the General Election on 8 June.

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Some statistical data on the Me and Europe site

The web site Me And Europe was active online from mid April 2016…
29th July 2016/by Darren Sharpe

Young people in a changing Europe: British youth and Brexit 2016

In recent years, the relationship between young people and British…
6th July 2016/by Darren Sharpe

Message from Slovakia… “Son, the UK are leaving the EU”

Last Friday, I was awoken by a phone call from my mum at 7 AM.…
29th June 2016/by David Janotka

They voted leave and we have to deal with it

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, the British public voted to leave…
27th June 2016/by Darren Sharpe

How different age groups voted

Almost three quarters (73%) of 18 to 24-year-olds voted to…
27th June 2016/by Darren Sharpe

Referendum – Thoughts from an old Doctor

I am a professor of medicine who has worked as a doctor with…
23rd June 2016/by Adrian Renton

The EU: what’s the point?

What is the point…
22nd June 2016/by Joseph

How much do we know about the EU?

Produced by  The…
22nd June 2016/by Joseph

A comprehensive booklet to help anyone make an informed decision

SWOT analyses – structured round an investigation of Strengths,…
22nd June 2016/by Joseph

Eurochild calls for children’s rights to be prioritised

In an open letter to the European Council ahead of discussions…
21st June 2016/by Joseph

Brexit: Young people’s votes could swing the result of the referendum

The outcome of the UK’s referendum on EU membership is…
21st June 2016/by Joseph

4 days to go… the big youth debate

"If you are a democrat then vote leave… if you want cohesion…
20th June 2016/by Anabel Acheampong
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