4 days to go… the big youth debate

“If you are a democrat then vote leave… if you want cohesion and unity… vote remain”

So on Thursday I attended a debate organised by the University of East London and Nottingham Trent University. It was very interesting because the two sides in the debate were college students, college students who are very up to date with political matters. Specifically, the students were really interested in the EU referendum and they all had fascinating reasons on why they wanted to leave or remain in the EU.

“British democracy has been undermined”, this was a recurring statement from the ‘leave’ side during the debate. The 2 students from the Queens school argued that EU laws are taking over UK laws which make it difficult for British citizens to exercise their democratic rights. In addition, the leave side suggested that 60% of EU laws directly affect people in the UK. So to put it plain and simple, the ‘leave’ side do not want a bunch of politicians to meet up in Brussels and make decisions about how the UK is run (even though it’s not really as simple as that). Basically, during the debate, the students on the leave side argued that if the British public want democracy then they should vote leave on the 23rd June 2016.

On the other hand, the students who were debating to remain in the EU also made some very interesting points concerning our position in the EU.

“A vote to remain means a vote for unity and cohesion. UK will also become a less powerful state if we vote to leave the EU”. These were some of the points made by the ‘remain’ side during the debate.

Personally, I think the ‘remain’ side rightly pointed out what the EU is all about, specifically what UK’s position in the EU is about. The UK being part of the EU is not only about easier access to other European countries or better trading deals. The UK being part of the EU is about European countries coming together and making the continent powerful in all areas of life. So for example, if the UK remains in the EU, I believe

there will be more emphasis on workers’ rights. Moreover, I think if the UK remains in the EU, education will be easily accessible across the entire continent which will give many young people the opportunity to equal education anywhere within the EU.

To conclude, I think on the 23rd June, people should be able to go to polling stations with enough information on whether they should vote to leave or remain in the EU. Most importantly, British citizens should be able to know and decide for themselves what it means to be part of the EU.

So you should all GO GO GO GO and vote on the 23rd June 2016. Go and be part of what will be a historic moment in British politics.

Photos by Jin Shan Zhang

Written by By Anabel Acheampong

My position in the referendum: i will be voting to remain in the EU On the 23rd June. This is because I believe that as a young person living and studying in the UK, I have the privilege and the access to travel around countries in the EU. Also I feel that voting to remain in the EU will help me with my future career, especially when it comes to working abroad. Most importantly, I will be voting to remain in the EU because I believe that the EU promotes human rights for everybody.

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