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What happened to Cameron’s proposals?

A great deal of political debate has taken place since the referendum was announced in February 2016. You may remember that behind closed doors, there were deep discussions at the European Council to decide a new settlement for the UK in the EU (you may also remember that Angela Merkel nipped out of the meeting […]


Football and the EU referendum – are we scoring an own goal if we leave?

Phillip Smith, Health and Wellbeing Lead for Leyton Orient Trust discusses what effect on the footballing world the in/out vote could have… On the 23rd June the UK will decide whether to leave or remain in the EU and this vote could make waves across the footballing world. This may not be one of the […]


What does Brexit mean for Malta?

  Britain and Malta have a pretty long history together, and have built up quite a friendship through the years. Over two hundred years, in fact, from the point where Malta voluntarily became part of the British Empire in 1800. Although the last British services left Malta in 1979, the two countries have kept strong […]

What would Brexit mean for everyday life in the UK?

Much of the early debate in the EU referendum campaign has revolved around economics. And while no one can know precisely the impact of leaving the EU, it would be likely to have huge repercussions on many other aspects of UK life. This article explores some possible outcomes: http://www.theindependentbd.com/printversion/details/44690 Documents Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.14.16 […]


BBC Generation 2016: Young voters step up to election debate

The BBC’s Generation projects are designed to ensure the voices of younger people are heard in BBC programmes and content around elections and political events. The following shares some of thoughts of the young people who took part in this initiative: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-35799469   Documents generation 2016 • 99 kB charts • 33 kB Screen Shot […]

Dear young people: here’s why you need to vote in the EU referendum

The following article talks about the importance of why you should vote in the looming EU referendum: By Prof Catherine Barnard http://http://ukandeu.ac.uk/dear-young-people-heres-why-you-need-to-vote-in-the-eu-referendum/ Documents catherine article • 126 kB catherine article • 126 kB


How do our friends feel about the whole thing?

The following article provides some information  into the world view on Brexit: Now that the EU Referendum is less than 100 days away, the media is really cranking up the pressure with lots of articles covering every aspect of the referendum. From Brexit allegedly making Easter Eggs cheaper, to Brexit campaigners employing EU migrants to […]

Don’t blame young voters for not bothering about the EU Referendum:

This article has been published on The Conversation: Never before have so many had to decide on something they knew or cared so little about. The “London bubble” is obsessing about the EU referendum on June 23. The parts of Twitter I see are hyperventilating with excitement over designation, debates, purdah, net costs and benefits, […]


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Young people’s opinions on the EU Referendum

A group of young people from Greece, Cyprus, and the UK have shared their thoughts on the EU Referendum. They have all been collectively working on the project ‘Keep me safe in Europe’. More information about this can be found here: http://kmse.open-lab.com/ UK, Patrick, Age: 25 ‘Still unsure as I haven’t had enough information from […]


Reconnecting UK Youth to Europe

  In this project, we explored how young people in the UK connect to the European Union and intuitions. We found that the EU does not figure highly in their imagination or in their plans for the future. The European Union was abstraction one step to far for many of the young people who we […]