BREXIT will mean the second economic recession for Britain

BREXIT will mean the second economic recession for Britain

According to George Osborne, a British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Brexit would mean an immediate economic recession for Britain and this recession would cause the loss of 800 000 jobs all around the UK. George Osborne said that:

“It’s only been eight years since Britain entered the deepest recession since our country had seen since the Second World War.

“Every part of country suffered and the British people have worked so hard to get our country back on track. Do we want to throw it all away? Can we knowingly vote for a recession? Does Britain really want this DIY recession?”

This statement is important and crucial for young people in the UK. The UK cannot afford to enter the second economic recession as even now young people face serious obstacles and barriers to find employment and climb up the social and economic ladder. Young people are the most vulnerable part of society when it comes to the economy and employment. The recession that has started back in 2008 and is just slowly going away. This recession has left many young graduates without employment or under employed in the cycle of dead-end jobs or internships, which just rarely result in permanent job. The young people who did not attend universities have extreme difficulties to find a job and too often end up to be long-term unemployed, which hinder their chances for stable and productive future.

The second recession, which will follow if the UK separates from the rest of the EU would mean that young people’s opportunity for a bright future will become even more distant and the living standards in the UK will fall dramatically.

Thus, if you care about your future and your children’s future, register and vote to stay IN on the 23rd of June.




Written by By David Janotka

My name is David Janotka and I am originally from Slovakia. I have spent many years in the UK studying and working and the upcoming EU referendum concerns me mainly because I do not know how will be my future in the case Britain decides to leave. I worry mainly about the issues as the right to work, the right to start business and to what extent I will be able to continue my life the way I live now.

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