Can Britain afford further budget and public finance cuts ?

EU referendum: Osborne warns of Brexit budget cuts

Yesterday, the chancellor Osborne announced that in the case UK will decide to leave the EU, it is very likely that he will raise income taxes, VAT and cut public funding for NHS, police, defense and education as he predicts there will be a black hole 30bn in British economy he needs to fix somehow.

The UK has suffered from severe austerity measures in the past 7 years and these cuts have undermined many people in British society. The most affected though had been the most vulnerable groups of society such as long-term unemployed people, disabled people and the people with multiple children. Food banks have started popping up all over the nation in previous years in order to provide basic food to the people in need. There had been major cuts to policing, higher education, welfare, and NHS already. The current generation of young people find it extremely hard to land jobs they desire and many people in this country live from paycheck to paycheck constantly worrying about their future and financial stability.

Further cuts and predicted economic recession which will follow if the “Vote Leave” camp wins will lead to an awful economic decline in this country and most likely the UK will become less attractive for economic migrants as British economy will not be even able to provide economic job opportunities for domestic population. Thus, it might help to reduce immigration, the topic the “Leave” camp argues about so often because sees immigration as the danger for the UK.

If this is what the people who will vote to leave want to risk only because they are afraid to be open and tolerant then they obviously do not have the best interest of the UK on their minds.


Written by By David Janotka

My name is David Janotka and I am originally from Slovakia. I have spent many years in the UK studying and working and the upcoming EU referendum concerns me mainly because I do not know how will be my future in the case Britain decides to leave. I worry mainly about the issues as the right to work, the right to start business and to what extent I will be able to continue my life the way I live now.

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