Some statistical data on the Me and Europe site

The web site Me And Europe was active online from mid April 2016 until the end of June. Summing up the results of the site have been:

sessions: 4,172
distinct users: 2,991
page views: 10,165

(all with more detail in the PDFs attached).

This screenshot of the in page statistics shows that the characters were the most effective part of the website:

2016-07-01 11_25_13-ME&EU - What about Me in a changing Europe_ _ UK Referendum on EU Membership

Bounce rate was around 57% (not that bad) and session average duration 2:36 minutes.

5% of the users on average clicked on the “register” button (either from the page or from the bus) but of course this is an under estimation of the effect because it measures only the direct clicks.

You find also the top 25 referrals report attached. Lack of strong referrals was clearly the problem of the initiative :-)

Full data PDF download

MEandEU Referral Traffic 20160410-20160630

MEandEU Acquisition Overview 20160410-20160630

MEandEU Audience Overview 20160410-20160630

MEandEU Overview 20160410-20160630

Written by By Darren Sharpe

Dr Darren Sharpe is a Senior Research Fellow with the NIHR CLAHRC North Thames based within the Institute of Health and Human Development, University of East London. His interests include participatory research with children, young people and vulnerable adults in health, social care, education and citizenship.

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