The Mayor Boris Johnson in Croydon, South London, Tuesday November 22, 2011.  Photo by Andrew Parsons/ Parsons Media

The new DUDE in 10 Downing Street

Depart European Union

Unit the country

Defeat opposition party

Energise the country

Boris Johnson is to be the UK’s new prime minister.

At an uncertain and unstable time for British politics, for the economy and for the country’s place in the world, Conservative Party members have chosen a leader who defies almost every norm. Johnson is a controversial figure within British politics and journalism. Supporters have praised him as an entertaining, humorous, and popular figure, with an appeal stretching beyond traditional Conservative voters. Johnson appointed his Cabinet on 24 July 2019, describing it as a “Cabinet for modern Britain. Johnson increased the number of ministers attending the Cabinet to 33, four more than had attended the May Cabinet. One quarter of those appointed were women, and the Cabinet set a new record for ethnic minority representation, with four secretaries of state and two additional ministers coming from minority backgrounds.


Written by By Project staff